Anca Dimancea

Starting 2001 Anca became very interested in Feng Shui when she visited first time Beijing – China,noticing the wonderful taste of Chinese in arranging buildings and nature around them. Starting that moment she has been committed and attached to this special field in which she has mastered years later under the precious guidance of Lillian Too.

During all this time, Anca studied and applied Feng Shui successfully, providing professional consultations in New York  USA and also in her country of origin, Romania.

Besides Feng Shui and Paht Chee analysis, Anca also gives guidance through Astrology, Numerology and she is mastered in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Shambhala Reiki.

Anca has a professional background in Agricultural Engineering and a PhD in botanics and she applies Feng Shui in landscaping and arranging private houses gardens.

She offers:

  • Personalized Feng Shui Analysis
  • Four Pillars of Destiny (Paht Chee) readings
  • International Feng Shui Consultations – residential and business offices
  • Annual Feng Shui updates and auspicious date selection
  • Feng Shui workshops and seminars both in English and Romanian
  • Annual Flying Stars and space clearing.

You can reach her at:

Telephone: (718)880-6644 (Romania and USA)
Mobile: +40737.138.888 (Romania)

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