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What Is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner?

What does it mean that your practitioner is certified?

Certification signifies the pinnacle of achievement in Feng Shui Science. In attaining certification, your practitioner demonstrates a commitment to providing the best possible service through a dedication to his or her continuing education.

What are the requirements for certification?

In pursuing certification, your practitioner must meet the educational requirements and receive certification from trusted Feng Shui authority.

  • Educational requirements include successful completion of the requirements for the Certificate from the well-known Feng Shui Masters.
  • Upon completion of the educational requirements, your Practitioner must then successfully pass a comprehensive examination.

How many Practitioners have received certification?

Currently only 1 to 2 percent of Practitioners hold Certification status.

What’s special about a Practitioner who has attained certification? 

Successful completion of the Certification process is a prestigious recognition of extensive knowledge that only a select handful in the profession ever achieve. Certification recognizes great ability, knowledge, pride, and accomplishment in Feng Shui.

You can be confident that your Certified Practitioner remains current in his area of expertise.


What Is a Verified Feng Shui Practitioner?

What does it mean that your Practitioner is Verified?

Verification is a periodic process of Validation which consists of Practitioner’s standing validation and complains resolution process.

What are the requirements for completion of Verification?

  • Certification must be confirmed by certification issuing authority.
  • No outstanding complains.

What’s special about a Practitioner who has attained Verified Status? 

Successful completion of the verification process is a confirmation and recognition of the Practitioner’s current status and quality of work.


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