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Feng Shui is a way of living, an art of balance of yin and yang. Here at Mfengshuified, we practice Feng Shui to find balance in one’s life and to ease today’s modern living by applying traditional methods within today’s lifestyle.
With an interest in natural science in Feng Shui since she was 13 years old, Jancy TL the founder of Mfengshuified has sought knowledge from many feng shui books written by famous masters to quench her curiosity.

Through her journey she has had the opportunity to study under world renowned Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai of YCH Academy and was honoured to have graduated as one of the top students in her class. She then furthered her feng shui studies with world renowned feng shui expert Grand Master Lillian Too for a more in depth knowledge of feng shui.

She also had the opportunity to learn Qi Gong (Yan Shou Gong) – Martial Arts for Longevity - from Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, who has more than 50 years in experience in the martial arts.

“Feng Shui is a way of living and is not a religious belief; it has a lot to do with the balance of your everyday life, a balance of yin and yang,” says Jancy. She has practiced and experimented with feng shui in her everyday life and has come to a conclusion that feng shui is a very powerful tool. Use it right and all opportunities you seek will come your way.

Together with her husband Fraymond Lew who also studied feng shui at the YCH Academy and who is a graduate from RMIT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, they run the World Of Feng Shui Boutique in Melbourne. They are very passionate in helping people and they use their knowledge to achieve a harmonious living environment.

What We Offer
We provide feng shui consultancy in areas of health, wealth and happiness. Classes for feng shui studies can also be arranged for those who wish to practice feng shui and to gain a lifetime knowledge in this area of geomancy.

Feng Shui consultancy can be applied for:
• Residential Consultation
• Commercial Consultation
• Land & Design Consultation
• Online Feng Shui Audit

Other Consultancies:
• BaZi (Destiny) Reading
• Numerology Reading (calculation of names & meaning)
• Feng Shui Logo Design
• Date Selection (wedding, renovation, shifting, etc)
• Monthly Readings for Animal Signs & Flying Stars
• Annual Feng Shui Assessments Talk/Seminars
• Corporate Feng Shui Talk for Commercial Business / Groups

Classes & Workshops:
• M-numero (Numerology) Basics
• Feng Shui Fundamentals
• Feng Shui 8 Life Aspiration
• BaZhai Basics
• Flying Star Basics
• Surroundings FS Basics
• Intensive Feng Shui Course 1
• Intensive Feng Shui Course 2
• Wealth Vase Workshop

We also provide a wide selection of products for cures and enhancers at our shop.

Call Us Today!
Call or email to make an appointment. We can arrange for a meeting and are able to schedule for overseas feng shui consulting at your site as well. Or visit our shop at the address listed here.

World Of Feng Shui Boutique

Store Address: 112 Moray Street South Melbourne 3205 VIC Australia
Telephone: +613 9078 6596
Mobile: +61 413 731 835
+61 411 241 688
E-mail: wofsmelb8@fengshuified.com
Website: www.mfengshuified.com

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