Jean Yang

Jean studied Engineering Management, has got a Master’s degree of Business Administration. A certified Project Management Professional and Fengshui Master/Practioner graduated from the world’s famous Fengshui Grand Master Lillian Too’s Fengshui Institute.

She’s a Consultant in different fields, such as Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Project/Program Management, Intercultural Management, and in addition she’s doing Fengshui Consulting as well.

“Fengshui” – simply translated to “Wind(air) & Water” of which human, animals and plants etc. could not live without them. It’s a Chinese ancient natural science of which has been practiced since a couple of thousand years.

How about the other elements ? Of course, all of them need to be balanced, harmonized and energized, just like Yin & Yang. It’s the art of good living.

In today’s modern living, it seems like more and more people are unhappy, unsatisfied with their lives, rich people has got a short life, or without true love, poor people has got issues with their financial situation, Kids are more difficulty to educate…Office Politics & global strong competitions, Neighborhood quarrels etc..

These are all of the effect of Fengshui about your health, wealth and happiness. Would you like to live happier, healthier, and more rich? Please let me help you and kindly contact me via the following phone or email.

Professional Services (Chinese, English & German):
Fengshui Consulting – Residential and Business
Architectural Floor Layout Plan and Interior Design
Landscape, Garden, Applying water formulas, Pathways, Trees
Personal Element and 8 Mansion Analyse
Annual Fengshui/flying stars Updates
Four Pillars BaZi(Destiny) Reading
Fengshui Logo Design
Auspicious Date Selection(wedding, renovation, signing a big contract etc.)
Fengshui Courses
Wealth Vase/ Wealth Ship Making Workshops
We also provide a wide range of products for cures and enhancers.

You can reach her at:

Telephone : 0043 664 975 9918
Website :

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