Loretta Myers

“It is a unique opportunity to have lived and experienced first-hand the principles of Feng Shui applied in real life,” says Loretta Myers, where symbolism, balance and harmony are deeply rooted in every aspect of Chinese Life.

Living in China, the birthplace of Feng Shui, provided Loretta Myers the fortunate opportunity to pursue her passion for Feng Shui and décor, as well as gain a deep knowledge and appreciation of Chinese culture. She further studied and specialized in Feng Shui, graduating from Lillian Too’s Master Practitioner’s Course in October 2007. Loretta’s team won 1st prize for the hands-on case study.

Loretta Myers holds a MBA from Strathclyde Business School, UK and has rich and varied professional background, Loretta has a strong sense of multi-culturalism having lived to in several international locations (China, USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific & the subcontinent). She has travelled extensively in China and is currently based in Houston, Texas.

Loretta brings this fusion of ideas to her work, while still maintaining the basic principles of Feng Shui. She has offered decorating ideas and Feng Shui consultations to family, friends, and organizations world-wide, using her diverse international experience, passion for decorating and solid business-analysis professional background in her work.

Loretta is available for on-site consultations, workshops or seminars and for off-site consultations online. Her expertise includes:

  • General Feng Shui consultations and decoration ideas to create a balance of energy (business and personal consultations). Personal Best Direction (KUA) and 8 Mansions Analyses
  • Natal Chart Analyses for your home/office
  • Annual Flying Star for the present year

For an appointment, you can contact Loretta via e-mail or phone:

Email : myers.loretta@gmail.com
Phone : 971 (0)52 768 1315  (Dubai, U.A.E)
Consultations : Dubai and Abu Dhabi (offsite)

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